5 Best Windows 10 Hacks for a Better Experience

by Raja Habib on August 26, 2016

The latest gossip in Microsoft town is Windows 10. Whether it’s the remarkable virtual assistant Cortana or the numerous bugs being identified every day, Windows 10 has successfully made the headlines for months. But it has not been the best experience for all of us. A slow internet connection, faster-draining battery, and several other troubles have lined up.

So, to help you out, we have 5 simple tricks that can make your windows 10 experience super smooth.

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Windows 10 Hacks

1. Use Battery Saver

If you are working on your laptop, laptop battery is always a concern. With windows 10 you can extend the battery life using battery saver. Just go to System-> Battery saver -> Battery Saver settings and check the box to enable the option.

This option helps to reduce the background processes to optimize the battery usage.

2. Disable Windows Update

This hack is a blessing, because by default, in Windows 10 you automatically receive windows updates which make the internet speed slower. To do this open Run command and type ‘services.msc’. This will display all the services running on your system. Now, go to windows update and double-click to open properties. In this section make the ‘startup type’ as ‘disabled’. To apply the changes restart your system.

3. Use Keyboard shortcuts

This is no new trick, but keyboard shortcuts can be really handy if you are stuck. Here is a couple of shortcut keys – Windows key + A to launch action center, Windows key+ I to launch settings App.

To get a list of all shortcut keys visits the official website of Windows 10.

4. Speed Up Startup Apps during launch

Microsoft has introduced a quirky technique to enhance the Windows Boot experience. To make the boot time appear faster they delay the startup apps. This has been existing from windows 8 and is also prevalent in windows 10. Now, if you are working on a fast machine you may see that boot time is very little but the startup apps are delayed and not available as soon as the machine starts.

To avoid the startup delay, here’s a small trick

Open the run command (Windows key +R) and type ‘regedit’ and enter.

Go to:


Now, Right click on the “StartupDelayInMSec” key and change the value to 0. If there is no Serialize key, you can create one by clicking New -> Key and name it ‘serialize key’. Under this key create ‘StartupDelayInMSec’ and set the value to 0.

5. Personalize Windows

Check out the PC settings option in Windows 10 where you can change settings according to your requirements. Network settings, windows update, internet settings – you can officially change everything suiting your needs.

We hope you liked these hacks and these will help you get a better experience of Windows 10. We will be posting more interesting tips on this website so don’t forget to come back.

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