A Sneak Peek into the Upcoming Apple iPhone 7

by Raja Habib on September 1, 2016

No matter how hefty the price tag is, but everybody gets excited when Apple comes up with a new model. After iPhone 6s and 6s plus (launched in 2015), Apple has officially announced their latest model iPhone 7 (the name may also be iPhone 6SE). Launch of a new iPhone is always the talk of the town; from leaked images to intensive industrial analysis. When an iPhone is launched the world just seems to revolve around it. So, without further ado let’s dive into the details of this latest gadget.

When will iPhone 7 release?

Apple is organizing an event on 7th September which is the tentative date for the launch of iPhone 7. Though CEO Tim Cook has not confirmed it, but the fact that the invitation from Apple says “See you on 7th” shows that iPhone ‘7’ will be launched on 7th of September. Apple, as usual, is playing it cool and giving us the right hints.

5 Things to know about in iPhone 7

No more Headphone Jack

iPhone 7 is rumored to be even slimmer than iPhone 6S. The phone will be available in two sizes – 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch display. But what’s astonishing is that there will be no 3.5 mm audio jack. So, plugging into your phone for some music will not be possible with iPhone 7. You may have to opt for wireless headphones or converters.

Apple iOS 10

The latest Apple iOS 10 will be incorporated in the device. It will have an A10 chip for the processor. There is already a low power consumption mode in iOS 9 which will possibly remain the same in ios 10. Now, here’s another surprise – there is a possibility that the phone is inbuilt with a 256GB SanDisk Nand flash memory chip. If that’s true, then it is definitely a big advantage.


iPhone 7 is possibly coming with a dual camera. The device will possibly introduce a new technology that is capable of taking in-depth images in low-light condition.

Home Button

For some of us, the home button is irritating, while others find it extremely flexible. Apple, however, is bringing a change to it. It is still not confirmed whether they are completely letting it go or revamping the home button. But this button has been a unique feature of Apple, and we sure hope it gets upgraded to a fashionable design.


iPhone 6s was water resistant, but the new phone is going to be completely waterproof. So, next time you have a pool party you don’t have to be conscious. Rumor is that the body of iPhone is not made of metal but an alloy material that allows radio waves to pass.


Let’s wait and find out what more the phone has to offer us. We will get back to you with a detailed review once the phone is launched.

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