Android Lollipop Features

by Raja Habib on December 19, 2014

The Android Lollipop (also known as Android 5.0) is finally out and is packed with awesome new features that will leave you wanting an upgrade as soon as you possibly can. It seems to be a huge step-up from Android 4.4 and we think the message from Android is that it’s not just a small update, but a bigger and overall better one. It has been visually overhauled and works with more than just phones and tables, as smart watches are also now becoming common.

android lollipop

A new look

Android Lollipop comes with a nice and clean look, thanks to what Google calls “Material Design”, the name given to Android Lollipop’s UI overhaul. Focused on reducing clutter and making it easy to navigate with bright primary colors and a minimalistic interface, scrolling on your phone has never seemed so easy. Not only that, on-screen navigation is going be much easier as the buttons have been simplified basic geometric shapes, giving it a very ‘clean’ look overall. This is set towards all the new platforms and apps that support android and is full of other little details and new animations that make it that much prettier (for example, the settings icon will spin when you pull down the notification screen). Even though beautiful in its simplicity, you can see that a lot of thought has gone into the new UI and they have achieved something that looks and feels minimalist yet can handle a user’s complex demands.

Simple multitasking

Android Lollipop comes with a new 3D effect multitasking panel. With a very nice card-over-card feature, flicking between webpages and apps is much smoother now but could potentially be a frustrating experience as it treats Chrome tabs as separate cards, which could spell trouble for the some of us who like keeping many tabs open.

Personal Unlocking

A clever new feature that gives your device the ability to recognize where you are and what other Android devices you use. When activated, your phone will recognize that you are in a familiar place via your surroundings (for example, you are connected to your home Wi-Fi), and bypass the security measures since you are in a familiar setting. The example given by Google was that the phone recognized a known Bluetooth device within range and deactivated the lock.

Powerful Search

Google Now has the function to launch installed relevant to your searches in Android Lollipop. For example, if you were to search for that new movie you want to watch, you’d be able to start up an app like IMDB (Internet Movie Database) straight from Google Now.

Improved Battery Life

Android Lollipop introduces Project Volta, a new feature that’s sole focus is on improving your battery life. You can now access battery life information a lot faster and pinpoint the possible causes of battery drain. Also with a built-in battery saver mode that automatically reduces brightness, data connection and app syncing, you’ll be sure that you won’t be scrambling around to find a charger so soon.

Project Volta also means that developers can now produce apps which are less power-hungry but more efficient.

There are a lot more cool features that come with the Android Lollipop but we figure these are the more important ones that us as consumers, care about the most. Have any of you tried Android Lollipop yet? Share your experiences with us!

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