Everything you Need to Know About Google Wallet

by Raja Habib on October 5, 2016

Digital wallets are revolutionizing the e-commerce and not all of us are familiar with these. With money laundering and scams all over the news, it is not surprising that a majority of people prefer to use trusted sources. So, when the concept of digital wallet came up not many were willing to try it. But the word ‘Google’ reciprocates assurance, and Google Wallet has gained a lot of popularity among the online buyers.

Google Wallet

What is Google Wallet?

Instead of carrying several plastic cards or cash, you can directly pay with a swipe of your mobile phones. A digital wallet is directly linked to your card, and functions by operating with digital cash. It is a virtual wallet that functions just like a manual wallet.

6 Steps to use Google Wallet

  1. Sign Up: Like any other google service, you need to sign in for Google wallet with a Gmail account. In case you don’t have a Gmail account, you need to sign up with Google.
  2. Verification: You need to verify your identity. All transactions are based on this verification. There are some key features of Google Wallet that will not be available to you unless you verify.
  3. Create Wallet Pin: This is similar to an ATM pin. You can create a 4 digits pin to use while sending money using the app. You can also directly withdraw money from ATM using Google Wallet using this pin.
  4. Add Wallet Balance: Once you have the Google Wallet, you need to add money to it. You can directly add money from your bank account which is free. Adding money from credit/debit card has 2.9% service charge. Once you have money you can proceed to obtain the card.
  5. Activate Google Wallet Card: Next you need to activate your Google wallet card. The Google wallet card will only be available to you after identity verification.
  6. Purchase, Pay or Send Money: To make purchases online, look for ‘Buy with Google’ option. For instore purchase, choose credit/debit card option for checkout and type the 4 digit pin number. You can also pay at terminals which have payment readers. You can also send money to any other account holder who has Google Wallet.

Latest Google Wallet Update

Every time funds are added to your wallet (irrespective of the amount), Google will give you an option to directly transfer the funds to your bank account.

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