6 Stunning Features of the Latest Android N that Will Get you Excited

by Raja Habib on August 25, 2016

With the latest version of Android, Google has come up with a top-notch high-end stable operating system that makes the android experience as smooth as it gets. From gadget gurus to non-techies, the 7th version of Android has something that will get everyone excited. Let us have a look at the 6 stunning features of the latest Android N.

Android N Features
1. Split Screen Mode: Split screen mode has been the talk of the town for a while now, and it’s finally here. As the name suggests, a single screen can be split to see more than one applications. It is available in portrait (height adjustable) as well as landscape mode. One app will be primary and remain on top, you can select the second app to run on a split screen from the app picker.

2. Quick App Switching:
Remember those shuffle buttons in a TV remote that helps you switch between the two latest channels. That’s now available on android. With this feature, you can shuffle between two apps, they may be open in full screen mode or available in split screen.

3. Notification Priority:
We all have so many apps on our smartphones, but do we really want every notification to show up on screen? Probably not. Android N lets you choose between three options – show notifications silently, block all notifications, don’t silence or block. You can also individually categorize which app notifications you want, and which apps to discard.

4. Doze Mode: It is one of those special battery saving modes that help to retain the juice of the phone. Previously, in Marshmallow this mode was only available when the device was stationary. But now, doze mode is there even when you are in motion. Every time your phone is idle or in your back, doze mode shuts down network access and only run a few sync programs. And in the stationary condition, it further dries down with only a few background apps.

5. Seamless Updates: Isn’t it tiresome to check the play store and update software every now and then? Android N has heard our prayers, and with this new technology, the device itself takes care of all updates. It will be downloaded in the background and stored in the partition, and once the device restarts all the updates will be effective.

6. Android for Work: Don’t want your boss to bother you while you are on a romantic date? Simply block him off and don’t let him know. Android for work helps to select special work settings, VPN by which you can access official data. Also, which can be turned off once when you are not working.

Several other features like quick reply, data saver, and language support is also available in Android Nougat. So, get ready to give your system a brand new look and feel, and enjoy the comforts of technology.

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