5 Great Free Music Download Apps for Android

by Raja Habib on December 17, 2014

free music apps android

Since the integration of music players into our phones, we’ve pretty much stopped carrying around MP3/CD players (seriously, who remembers those days?). We have managed to fit all our favorite music onto our compact little 8 to 64GB phones and are forced to make decisions on which songs you want to keep on your device, probably through a very Survivor-like process of voting by all the songs and then the weakest song gets eliminated.

Now, life has gotten even easier, you don’t need your computer to download music anymore as there are more and more apps being released every day providing you with free music of your choice that can be downloaded directly onto your phone. I have personally tried all of them and will provide you with the few that stood out amongst all the competition. Rated from my favorite, down to the minimally bearable.

NOTE: Before downloading and then complaining about an app, please make sure your own connection speed is fast enough, I have spoken to enough of these developers to learn that sometimes people download on 3g/4g connections and expect instant downloads like on their computers. Please be understanding people, these developers create (mostly) free apps for you to download music, and they too, want you to be able to enjoy the app as much as possible. Should you encounter any problems, take some time and e-mail the developers (e-mails are usually provided on the app page itself in store) and they will be more than glad to help you out.

1. 4Shared Music

4Shared Music, a subsidiary of the IT Company 4Shared, that provides a cloud service and it does exactly the same for your music solutions and more! With 4Shared Music, you can download and stream music that is available on the 4Shared service on your android device for free. You get a whopping 15GB of free storage to upload your favorite music and stream them on the go.

To get started, you can search for songs by artist or title (or both, for better results) and either sample before downloading by simply tapping it or downloading it straight away by holding down the song title and selecting ‘Download’. With the free storage comes the option to create your own playlists for specific occasions like commuting, running or music to relax to.

2. Gtunes Music Download

If you have been downloading music through android for a while you must have come across Gtunes at one point or another. It’s been around for a while and one of most highly rated apps for music downloading as in my opinion it provides the least bugs that you get with newer apps. They have spent time and effort making this app simple and easy to use, which even you will notice when you start using it.

It comes with a database of millions of songs and lets you play them across popular public domain sites like last.fm & jamendo.com. One of the best features of this app is that it lets you create a ringtone from any song and assign them to individual contacts. If you are lucky, some of your favorite songs might come with lyrics that sync perfectly with the music timing.

3. Titan – Music Downloader

This app is fairly new but I think it does the minimum of music downloaders out there very well. Just like the others, you can search, download and manage your music straight from your android device. With Titan, you can edit your own metatags (which if you are OCD like me, you will want to do because you hate songs that look “ugly” on your phone because of improperly named artist/titles) and get the album artwork (huge plus!).

One more thing that I like about this app is the developer works with YOU! (the people) and want you to e-mail him with any problems that you may encounter with the app, or even if you really love it! I think this is very commendable, you don’t see this happening often and I like the route they take regarding customer service, kudos!

4. Music Download Paradise Mp3

With an app that has been around for such a long time, you can be sure to be delivered with quality. From over 30,000 reviews, the most common one that you will come across is that you can find 90-99% of the music you are looking for. The database is HUGEEE and seems to keep expanding. As a free app, of course you will come across some annoying advertisements, but if you can get past that, you should more or less have an easy time navigating around the app to look for your music. It comes with an in-built music player and allows your manage your music library with ease.

5. Free Mp3 Downloader (by Free Mp3)

This one tops Music Download Paradise Mp3 with over 5 MILLION DOWNLOADS! One of the most downloaded music apps but sadly, can be frequent with bugs due to updates. The music collection on this app is even bigger as it offers music from all over globe in all the different, beautiful languages of the world. Per Mp3 it offers you a LOT of links for downloading (depends on popularity of the song) and lets you create your own ringtone! Songs can be managed after downloading and even saved onto your SD card, definitely a good app given the proper updates.

All of the above apps are free; I hope I have been of some help to you guys. Do let us know which apps you prefer and why, happy downloading!

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