Good Free iPhone Apps [2016]

by Raja Habib on April 22, 2016

Looking for good free iPhone apps for 2016? Look no further! There are thousands of iPhone apps that are available for users all around the world. And, surprisingly, most of them cost you nothing. Choosing the top 5 free iPhone Apps from among them is a tough ask.

good free iphone apps

Good Free iPhone Apps

The following list showcases our pick of the top 5 good free iPhone Apps

1. Billguard

Billguard is a free iPhone app that is available in Apple Store. Billguard is a personal finance app that allows you to connect to your respective bank accounts and track the proceedings. Billguard connects you to your credit card account statement and makes sure everything is correct. To make sure that there is no fraud and no unfair charges, Billguard uses various algorithms and crowd-sourced data and help users to make sure everything protected.  If there is any mismatch or dubious activity, then Billguard flags that merchant and informs you about it. Billguard also has the ability to play the role of an expense tracker.

2. Camera Awesome

If you are someone who loves to take pictures and wish to take your photos to the next level, then Camera Awesome app in iPhone is a must-have iPhone app for you. Camera Awesome is packed with various features and tools to help you take good quality pictures. Tools for adjusting the exposure for a specific portion of the object, focus tool and composition guides helps you with taking pictures. Other excellent features offered by Camera Awesome app are transform options, filters, textures and other tools for editing the images. Camera Awesome app allows you to share images easily with social networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.

3. Netflix App

If you are fond of watching movies and television shows through Netflix website then, then iPhone provides you with the Netflix app. It allows you to connect to Netflix and watch your favorite movies, programs and television shows. Netflix app, with the help of a good internet connection, can stream blockbuster movies and your favorite shows without any issues.

4. Instagram

Instagram is considered to be the most famous iPhone app that is available for free. Instagram allows you to take pictures and videos and share it with friends and family members. The number of people using Instagram is increasing daily. In Instagram, you can easily upload photos and pictures and share it with your contacts. Instagram also allows you to share photos and videos with other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

5. Kindle app from Amazon

If you are an avid reader, then Kindle App from Amazon is the best for you for the focused joy of reading. iPhone allows you to install this software from the Apple App store. Using this app, you can easily access thousands of eBooks. Kindle App can be configured and you can adjust the screen size, font size and other features.

There are many other good free iPhone apps that are available in the App Store for various purposes like shopping, photography, reading, sports, music, movies and finance. Depending upon your requirement and interest, you can download the apps and install it on your latest iPhone.

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