The healing properties of Snow Quartz

by Raja Habib on November 21, 2014

For those of you, who don’t know, be prepared to learn something fascinating and new. Have you heard about Snow Quartz and all its fantastic healing properties? You will be completely surprised to find out about this amazing crystal.

snow quartz

Firstly it needs to be said that Snow Quartz is a gentler variety of Quartz. It has many more feminine qualities to it, in comparison to the other varieties of quartz which are more masculine in its properties.

Snow Quartz also go by the names of Milky Quartz, and White Quartz. Snow Quartz is the perfect crystal to wear, as it not only looks beautiful, attracts good energy and can help you but it also has many wonderful healing properties.

What are the healing properties of Snow Quartz?

There are many fantastic healing properties of Snow Quartz; here are just some of them:

  • It creates a soothing effect on your body.
  • It helps to counter-act the negative effects of stress.
  • It assists you in the concentration and learning process.
  • It helps with all aspects of mental alertness.
  • It can help to heal disease.
  • It helps to counter act and restore harmony and balance in the body.
  • It can help to counter-act the negative effects of sunburn.
  • It is used to help mental clarity.
  • It helps to reduce the effects of stomach problems.
  • If you suffer from headaches it can help relieve the pain and tension.
  • It assists the body to assimilate minerals.
  • It can help our immune systems to become stronger.

As you can see from the above these are just a few of many wonderful healing properties of this beautiful and powerful crystal. There are also many uses for this crystal besides the healing aspects which it can bring. Many people place their crystal near their computer while they are working, because it is said to be able to guard you against radiation.

It is also known throughout the world to people who use it to counter balance their energies and chakras. One of the most powerful aspects of Snow Quartz is that it contains light spectrum which contains all the colors. Its power and beauty makes it a very popular choice for everyone all over the world.

Throughout the world when people feel that their energies are unbalanced they will turn to Snow Quartz and there are claims which say they have felt the difference shortly afterwards.

It is important to understand that the healing effects of these precious crystals are not intended to cure illnesses and replace seeing a doctor. If you suffer from any form of illness or are suffering with stress it is always recommended that you seek assistance immediately from a trained and registered medical doctor. Snow Quartz is used more in terms of spiritual supports and is not used to replace medication or prescriptions.

They make a fantastic aid and are used in addition to other forms of medicine which you may require. They offer fantastic assistance and can help restore your energies and help to alleviate your symptoms. In terms of mental clarity and relieving stress these crystals are known for their properties and are said to be very effective in this regard.

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