How are the Android Users Different From iPhone Users

by Raja Habib on January 3, 2015

android vs iphone

Countless battles and endless debates have been waged between android and iPhone users as well as manufacturers to decide which is the best phone among the duo. But they all ended without a result. So, we are not going to waste your time by delving in this pointless discussion. Instead, we will compare these phone in a different, more interesting way. We are going to juxtapose the two phones according to you, yes, you people.

So let’s start with the basics: iPhone users will have to agree that there are more android users than the iPhone users. It is mainly because of the vast gulf that exists between the prices of two products. Apple devices are more expensive and they are mostly bought by rich, affluent and young people. On the other hand, android phones are comparatively less expensive, since sixty percent of android devices cost less than $200. So, iPhone users have higher salaries, plump wallets and more spending power than android phone users. But that doesn’t stops android phones’ companies to grab the highest market share.

But, when it comes to loyalty, iPhone wins the race. According to a survey conducted by DazeInfo, iPhone users are more loyal and faithful than the android ones. When people once buy an iPhone, it is seldom the case that they rest their fingers on any other phone. However, opposite is the case with android users. Also, android users are more likely to live in suburbs, countries, and small cities while iPhone users tend to live in big cities, large towns and exotic metropolises.

We also see an interesting relationship with vices: Android users eat more often at McDonald’s and represent a larger share of smokers, yet at the same time they’re more likely to identify as religious.

Next, there are some interesting personality differences too between the two user groups. Android users are likely to be pessimists, introverts and stingy while iPhone users are more likely to be optimistic, extroverts and magnanimous. iPhone users also tend to be technology-geeks, Mac users, and globe-trotters. Whereas, android users are mostly PC users, pet-lovers and have little interest in the technology stuff.

Yes, android and iPhone users have different tastes in food and drinks as well. Cheese steaks, Pizzas, chocolates, Pop corns and beer are android users’ favorites. On the other hand, Sushi, nuts, Rice Crispies, Tapas and wine are more loved by iPhone users.

When it comes to media, android aficionados are more inclined toward series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and X-men. And in TV Shows, they are most interested in Louie, How I met your mother, and The Walking Dead. iPhone lovers, on the other hand, love watching Planet Earth, Portlandia, The Killing, Midnight in Paris, Another Earth and other stuff of this kind.

So yeah, go on and take a bow for us, for now you can judge people (not by the color of their skin nor by the content of their characters but) by their phones!

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