How to Easily Boost Your Cell Phone Signal at Home

by Raja Habib on August 25, 2016

How to Easily Boost Your Cell Phone Signals

A cell phone signal refers to the strength of the signal a mobile device such as a smartphone receives from the cellular network. Having a strong signal is the best thing everyone wishes for on their phones. But again, nothing else could be more frustrating than a weak signal, especially at home. Poor reception may lead to dropped calls, stuck text messages and also slow internet connection. nothing is more frustrating than a slow internet connection. There are lots of things that lead to a weak signal strength such as distance from a cell tower, carrier’s fault, obstructions, interference, and jamming. Good news is, there are also ways to boost this signal.

Use of Signal boosters

Also referred to as signal repeaters and mostly smart signal boosters. These are devices that ultimately solve the problem of poor signal reception at most homes. They can be acquired from cellular carriers/providers of your network. There are also other general purpose boosters which are not carrier specific. Having this device at your home can be of great relief. Signal boosters pick up the weak signal at your home and can amplify it up to 32 times to be more precise. They boost both 3G and 4G networks. They are also compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and other cellular devices. You can be guaranteed of having more than one bar in most cases where reception is weak.

Use of Femtocell

It’s smart solution in homes where the signals are weak. It is a small cellular mobile phone station. Using the internet, it connects to the carrier’s network and in turn it provides a much strong signal in your home and the surroundings too. A femtocell is ideal where there’s at least an internet connection but other cellular activities such as phone calls and texts do not go through. Femtocells can be of carrier specific or general purpose. Their main con is that anyone can connect to your femtocell and this will increase the traffic. To avoid this, appropriate configurations should be applied to ensure that only you or specific people can connect via your femtocell.

There are also easy and cheap ways to boost the phone signal at home. These include; changing your cellular carrier, opening windows and also keeping your mobile device away from interference caused by electronic devices. Also holding your phone correctly will expose the antenna to more signal strength. Most antennas are located at the bottom of the phone while others at the top near the camera. Switching to 2G network will work perfectly for calls and texts in places where the 3G/4G signal is weak.

All the above the methods will make your home have a strong signal strength. Others are more expensive but totally worth the price. This solution will eliminate the dropped phone call problem, ensure a reliable connection, wide coverage, and more signal bars.

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