How to Face Swap on Snapchat

by Raja Habib on April 25, 2016

If you happen to use Snapchat a lot to share special moments with family and friends, and want to know how to face swap on Snapchat, then we have a good news for you. Snapchat has now introduced a new feature, “face swapping” that is the latest craze among Snapchat users today.

how to face swap on Snapchat

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an app that can be installed in your Smartphone easily. It is a popular app which offers many features to its users for sharing pictures and videos with friends and family. The popularity of Snapchat application has increased rapidly in the last few years. Using an account ID, a user can log into Snapchat and share pictures with friends easily.

What is Face Swap feature on Snapchat?

Face Swap is an additional feature in the form of a new lens on Snapchat and it is available only for iOS users. Even though there are many discussions going on about the safety of this feature, many people all around the world have started using this feature. Face Swap feature help you to snap your face with another face from your Smartphone. Even though there are a number of applications that allow you to snap your face with another face, the feature offered by Snapchat is easy to use.

How to Face Swap on Snapchat [Steps]

  1. The first step is to download Snapchat on your mobile phone. You can download it from the App Store or from the Google Play Store.
  2. Turn on the camera in your phone and ensure that you can see your face on the mobile’s screen.
  3. Now, hold on the image till a mesh appears. Snapchat maps your face to near perfection.
  4. Select another picture whose face you are going to use for snapping.
  5. Now, align both the faces using the icons that are displayed on the screen till both the faces become yellow in color.
  6. After the swap is over, save the image to your phone and share it with your friends and family.

Through this way, you can easily face swap the images. You can use any image- images of friends, family and even animals for face swap. You also add some special effects to the face swap picture before sending it to your friends and family. Snapchat offers you options to add a caption, to add cool filters and the ability to add colors to your image to make your face swap more attractive.

Advantages and disadvantages of Snapchat

The main advantage of Snapchat is that it is a free tool which can be used to share photos and videos with your friends and family members. Snapchat works both with Android and IPAD Smartphone, but Face Swap feature is available for the iOS user only. But many people are worried about the security of Snapchat. There is no way to protect your image from misuse. Another drawback is that you cannot put any comments on pictures like Facebook or Twitter. However, Snapchat is gaining popularity due to the amazing features it offers.

Snapchat latest feature Face Swap is hugely popular among its users. The fun feature allows users to swap faces from images with other faces and send them to friends and family. We hope you found this tutorial on how to face swap on Snapchat to be useful.

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