How to Turn On Post Notifications on Instagram

by Raja Habib on April 1, 2016

If you are wondering how to turn on post notifications on Instagram, this post is for you.

how to turn on post notifications on instagram

Instagram is going through some major changes recently. Some of these changes are being appreciated by the users and others are causing a bit of unrest among the dedicated users. One of the most recent updates announced by Instagram is the increase in the duration of Instagram videos. Instagram videos length is now 60 seconds. Another upcoming change is the shift towards algorithmic feed. Earlier the feed was chronological. So, it would be important to know how to turn on post notifications on Instagram.

The chronological feed helped you receive all updates from the people you follow on Instagram. But that would no longer be the case once algorithmic feed starts rolling out. This should not come as a shock to you since Instagram is owned by Facebook. The algorithmic feed would mean that a user’s followers would not be able to see all of his posts.

This change has not been rolled out yet. Instagram has promised in a tweet that they would let their users know before they launch this update. But the anxious dedicated users have already started telling their followers to start subscribing to their posts by turning on the notifications. So, if you are wondering how to turn on post notifications on Instagram, we will guide you about it in this post. But you should keep in mind that turning the notification won’t make the feed chronological. It will just ensure that you get most of the updates from people you are following.

You can enable the post notification using two methods. In the first method, go to your feed and click on the “…” menu that appears next to the image in your feed. Now select “turn on post notifications.” In the second method, go to the account you want to subscribe and select “follow”.

When turning on post notifications on an account, keep in mind that the updates will be pushed to your timeline whenever that account posts something. You don’t want to turn notifications on too many accounts if you don’t want to be flooded by the updates.

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