How to Unblock Facebook at School

by Raja Habib on April 26, 2016

Are you wondering how to unblock Facebook at school? Go on an read through this article. In this article we have shared various ways of unblocking Facebook at school.

Almost every person has a Facebook account and loves to open the account to check the latest updates. Teenagers of today are addicted to this social media platform and almost all teenagers use Facebook. Most of the schools and offices block Facebook as it can distract you from studies or work.  Just like the famous quote “Where there is a will, there is a way”, if you are determined to unblock it, then there are a few ways to unblock Facebook.

how to Unblock Facebook at School

Different methods to unblock Facebook at Schools

When you try to open Facebook that has blocked access from schools, you will be denied access. Most of the schools nowadays block social networking sites so that students and teachers do not loose attention during working hours. If you have some basic computer knowledge, then you can easily unblock Facebook and use it without the knowledge of the network administrator.

IP Address Method: If you want to unblock Facebook, then first go to the Command Prompt and enter “ping” and click Enter button. The system connects to Facebook and returns the IP address. Go to your web browser and enter the IP in the address bar and press Enter button. You can now easily connect to Facebook. Most of the schools block only the website names and not the IP address. So, by giving the correct IP address you can access the site from school. You should keep in mind that the IP address changes frequently so it is better to check the IP address every once in a while before connecting to the Facebook.

Proxy Site: A proxy server is a server which allows you to connect to a site which is not included in your network. There are many free proxy servers that are available which allow you to connect to websites that are blocked in your area. Once you have figured out the proxy server you are going to use, the next step is to access this proxy server from your school. You need to ensure you have a list of proxy servers so that you can try each one and find which proxy server works well when you connect from your school. Once you are connected to the proxy server, enter “” in the URL space and press Enter button. This way, you can unblock Facebook at school and stay connected with your friends and family members through Facebook.

Mobile Hot-Spot:  If you are using a Smartphone with Internet connection, then turning the Mobile Hot-Spot on is one of the easiest ways to unblock Facebook and connect to it from school. Go to your Smartphone and turn the hot-spot on. Now setup a wireless password for your hot-spot. Using the computer, you can connect to this new network and access Facebook. It is the most common method used by students all over the world to connect to websites that are blocked in their school.

Change Browser Settings: In this method, you have to find a few proxy servers and enter those proxy servers IP addresses in your browser settings. Now, open the browser and connect to Facebook.

Use any one of these techniques to easily unblock Facebook at school and connect to your friends and family.

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