Even after discontinuation, many are still willing to pay for an iPod Classic

by Raja Habib on December 15, 2014

Many mourned when Apple announced earlier this year that the iPod Classic series will be discontinued. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the decision was made because the company “couldn’t get the parts anymore, not anywhere on Earth” and that “The engineering work was massive, and the number of people who wanted it very small”.

ipod classic

However, these “small” number of people are willing to fork over a lot of dough for an iPod Classic, especially if it’s a rare version of the device. The highest recorded price sold on eBay was $90,000 for a factory-sealed UK model of the special edition U2 iPod that was originally sold in 2004 that also included the signatures of the four members of U2 on the iPod’s back side. This U2 iPod comes with 20GB of space and is rated for 12 hours of battery life (which might not even work as it has not been used in a decade).

It is in all possibility that some of these prices could be faked, as there have been reports that some of these iPod’s are even going up to $180,000. Although, a first-generation iPod has sold for about $20,000, there are normal people who are selling off their iPod Classic’s at relatively cheaper collector’s prices (used, of course) for as low as $500 even though they were retailing at $249 at the time of discontinuation.

I feel that the iPod Classic series should not have been discontinued, I myself was intending to buy one around that time as I have a huge music collection and refuse to go anywhere without my music, of course after finding out about this I’ve had to re-think my plan for portable music. I think there are some die-hard music lover’s like me who wouldn’t mind paying a higher price for some extra storage space.

While I can understand the demand for the product after its discontinuation, $90,000 seems too grand a price to pay for an iPod. I’d like to know if any of you are willing to fork out such an amount, let us know!

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