10 New Features in Windows 10

by Raja Habib on April 25, 2016

The latest version of Windows by Microsoft, Windows 10, is full of exotic features, dazzling tools and plethora of other fun stuff to provide you a cool, mesmerizing experience. Let us take a peek at the ten new, flamboyant features in the Window 10.

New features in Windows 10

1. The Start Menu
Let’s start with the Start menu. Windows 10 has revived, rejuvenated and revitalized the standard Windows 8 Start menu with a modern, elegant look. The Start menu now boasts stunning, live tiles, along with a traditional Start menu layout, that can be customized, resized and reorganized according to your choosing.

2. Universal Search in Start Menu
The Search tool located at the foot of the Start menu now does a great deal more than just searching your program and files as it did on Windows 7. In Windows 10, it also finds related results on the web. This means that you no longer need to open up a browser to find a particular Wikipedia entry, thanks to this Universal Search feature in Start menu.

3. Snap Assist
Windows 10 is loaded with a new, improved Snap Assist to boost your productivity on the desktop. Windows 8’s touch-optimized snap-feature is also absent in the latest Windows. It is combined with the desktop Snap feature so the Windows interface is more consistent.

4. Multiple Desktops
Now, we have just one, simple desktop in our monitors. But Windows 10 has put an end to this absurd trend by including a popular power user feature that allows you to have multiple, virtual desktops. With Windows 10 in your PC, you can flip between as many desktops as you desire.

5. Metro Apps
In Windows 10, Metro apps meets the desktop. Instead of forcing you into the gigantic, full-screen Metro interface, Windows 10 will let you resize Metro apps just like any other desktop window. On the other hand, the mouse-friendly Windows App menu bar has also been improved and loaded with a bunch of new options.

6. Task View Button
Windows 10 has a new Task View button (Alt-Tab menu), dedicated to enhance and enrich the multi-tasking experience for users. With the new Task View button, you can now switch between your multiple desktops as well for better management and organization.

7. Flatter Icons, Border less windows, and Start Screen Tweaks
Windows 10 has flatter icons and Window borders are almost imperceptible, giving open programs a floating look. Windows 10’s Start Screen still resembles the Start Screen of previous Windows; however, many of its elements will be tweaked. Windows 10 also has a Notification panel in the Metro interface as well.

8. Updated Touch-interface
Microsoft has improved the Touch-interface in Windows 10 by introducing a new feature called Continuum, which is designed to make it easy for users to switch between touch interfaces and non-touch environments. In Windows 10, there’s a swipe gesture for Task View, and Windows have larger buttons to make them easier to touch.

9. Leveled-up Command Prompt
Windows 10’s Command Prompt tool is loaded with some nifty new features too. These features include the ability to use Crtl + C and Crtl + V, respectively, to copy and paste, an option to re-wrap text to fit the window after you resize it, and more amazing stuff.

10. Universal apps now float on the Desktop
Windows 10’s new Universal apps now float on the desktop as well, which seems to be a part of Microsoft’s effort to bridge the gulf between the Modern UI and Desktop interfaces.

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