Paul S Devine, Apple Executive To Serve a Year in Prison

by Raja Habib on December 8, 2014

Paul S. Devine, the former global supply manager for Apple was sentenced last Friday to 1 year in prison and a hefty fine of USD$4.5 million in San Jose federal court. He was found to have sold confidential information to manufacturers and suppliers, who then used this information in order to negotiate better deals.

Paul S Devine

Devine is shown to have received nearly USD$2.5 million in kickback payments, mostly in the form of wire transfers to bank accounts linked to his shell corporation, “CPK Engineering”.

He was arrested and pleaded guilty to wire fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and engaging in transactions in criminally-derived property in 2011. Devine worked with apple from 2005 to 2010 until his arrest. The U.S. Attorney’s office has declined to explain the reasoning behind the lengthy delay in his sentencing.

Apple was hoping to recover $1 million from Paul Devine. So, it is not clear why the fine has risen to more than $4 million. Another thing which is not clear right now is, why his jail time has been reduced from 20 years to only 1 year. It took jury 3 years to reach this decision, which is another puzzle.

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