Rapid Android App Development

by Raja Habib on April 22, 2016

If you want to learn about Rapid Android App Development, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explain how you can create Android Apps in pretty much no time. RAD studio can help you create your own Android apps using Rapid Android App Development technology.

rapid android app development

What is RAD Studio?

RAD is the abbreviation of Rapid Application Development. Using the RAD studio, the developers can develop Android apps through their browsers for mobile phone or tablets quickly and easily. It requires very less or no code and provides an alternative to seasoned developers for rapid prototyping in addition to reducing the barrier of entry for beginners striving to get into the mobile technology.  RAD studio provides the developer with native styled user interface controls such as buttons, combo box picker, list views etc.

Rapid Android Application Development Advantages

RAD studio provides optimized workflow for development. It can automate the deployment and debugging process for rapid Android application development. The process starts with preparing a prototype rapidly and then going into full production. Android apps created by RAD are faster compared to other applications. Applications developed using RAD offers more security. The RAD studio provides the developer with SQLite local database support and a free development/deployment license for IBLite.

Rapid Android Application Development Tool: Basic4Android

Basic4Android is the most common and popular RAD tool that is used by developers for native Android, iOS and desktop applications. Basic4Android is developed by Android experts and contains powerful framework for developing Android applications. Android apps developed using RAD technologies have fast CPU performance. Android apps developed using Basic4Android tool gives a good performance similar to apps developed using Java. There is no xml programming involved with Basic4android. The main advantage of Basic4android tool is that it encourages fast coding in a programming language similar to Visual Basic and comes with a rapid debugging tool.

Features of Basic4Android Rapid Android App Development tool

  1. It is a simple and powerful Rapid Android Development tool for making Android Applications for your mobile and tablets.
  2. It is a complete programming language tool which is focused on Android development.
  3. One of the main attractions of Basic4Android tool is that it allows the developer to create sophisticated layouts because of excellent designer features of the tool.
  4. Obfuscation is a built in feature in Basic4Android tool.
  5. Basic4Android can be used to develop different types of Android applications such as Live Wallpapers, Widgets, Camera, Multi touch gestures, graphics and chats etc.

Basic4Android tool can be purchased through their website at https://www.b4x.com/store.html. Other popular RAD tools are

Other popular Rapid Android Application Development Tools

The other popular Rapid Android Application Development Tools available for the developer for rapid application development are:

  1. Corona SDK: Corona SDK Rapid Android Application Development tool is mainly used for mobile game development. Corona SDK offers more than 500 APIs and provides native UI support. The tool can be downloaded from http://www.coronalabs.com/.
  2. iQuery Mobile: Another popular RAD tool is iQuery Mobile. It is a lightweight HTML-5 framework that is built using jQuery. It is used to make responsive Android apps for mobile phone. Using iQuery Mobile tool, the developer can build customized apps for Android mobile phones. Visit the site http://jquerymobile.com/ to download the tool.
  3. Phonegap: Phonegap is another RAD tool which can be used to develop Android apps for Smartphones. Phonegap uses HTML, Java Script and CSS to build Android apps. Phonegap can be downloaded from the site http://phonegap.com/.

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