free dictionary android app

In this highly competitive world, where each word you use counts a lot, how would you feel if you suddenly want to look up the meaning of a word and do not have the dictionary with you? Not so good! Well, now there is a solution. You can use a free dictionary Android app. Do […]


android vs iphone

Countless battles and endless debates have been waged between android and iPhone users as well as manufacturers to decide which is the best phone among the duo. But they all ended without a result. So, we are not going to waste your time by delving in this pointless discussion. Instead, we will compare these phone […]


Best Strategy Games for Android

Games are fun. But strategy games are super-fun. Almost all of us love strategy games. So here we have hand-picked the 5 best strategy games for Android, which you will enjoy. So, download these award-winning strategic games right now, and get ready to experience sheer addiction. 1. Clash of Clans With a record rating of […]


How to Take Screenshots on Different Devices

For those of you who are not familiar with this handy tool, Screenshot or Screen Capture is basically a snapshot or an image of the display on your computer screen. Screenshots can prove to be very useful and convenient to store valuable data and share something you see on the screen, such as an open […]


Android Lollipop Features

by Raja Habib on December 19, 2014

android lollipop

The Android Lollipop (also known as Android 5.0) is finally out and is packed with awesome new features that will leave you wanting an upgrade as soon as you possibly can. It seems to be a huge step-up from Android 4.4 and we think the message from Android is that it’s not just a small […]


best battery saver app for android

If you are an Android user, you already know how fast your mobile phone’s battery drains. Android phones are good at a lot of things but battery performance is not one of them. Most Android users keep asking about how to improve the battery life or what is the best battery saver app for android? […]


cant receive messages after switching from iphone to android

If you have recently switched from iPhone to Android, you may be facing a delay in receiving the messages or may not be receiving any messages at all. The reason for this is that you may not have disconnected your iMessages from your phone number. You may have removed your Apple Id from your device […]