10 Most Viral Facebook Photos of All Time

by Raja Habib on December 21, 2014

More than two billion people use Facebook actively almost everyday. They use Facebook to store and share posts, photos, videos, and statuses with friends and family. Some of these posts go viral. They are seen, liked and shared by millions of people around the world. Here we unleash to you 10 most viral Facebook photos of all time. These are the photos that mostly evoke some sort of feeling in us. Many are accompanied by emotional stories.

So, without further ado, scroll down and see for yourself what got the world’s attention most on Facebook.

1. The Victory Hug

After conquering the re-election, Barack Obama posted this photo of him hugging the First Lady, Michelle, on Facebook and Twitter with the caption “Four more years.” It received 4,439,860 likes and 215,670 comments, making it the most viral photo of all time in Facebook history.

obama victory hug

2. “Me and my mommy are twins now!!! I love her.”

Adalia Rose, a 5-year-old little girl, posted her photo with mother. Adalia is suffering from Progeria which is causing her to age rapidly . The title read: “Me and my mommy are twins now!!! I love her.” People liked this photo 2,262,792 times and sympathized with her 54,654 times.

me my mommy twins now

3. A sweet lesson on patience

The Facebook page “It’s All about Women” shared a NYC taxi driver’s story with this beautiful image. The taxi driver was hired by a frail, old lady who was shifting to hospice. He spent his entire shift taking her to the places which were important to her one last time. After dropping her to the hospice, the magnanimous driver refused to take any money from the elderly lady. This inspirational story shows that it does not take much effort to create a difference in someone’s life. The picture received 2,050,571 likes and 234,461 comments.

sweet lesson on patience

4. Vote of thanks from Mr. President

When Barack Obama expressed his thanks to the people of America for electing him as the supreme leader of the state, he received 84,669 compliments and 2,093,441 likes. Surely, the people love him most, since he has made not once but twice in this much-celebrated list.

vote of thanks president

5. Heaven On Earth

This mesmerizing, stunning nature picture by StrongLite collected 1,886,532 likes and 231,607 comments.

heaven on earth

6. The bounties of the nineties

We all miss the 90s times. The internet is flooded with pictures of 90s toys, video games and other memorable stuff which brings out nostalgic memories. It indeed was one of the best times for the people of today. So, when pictures such as these are posted, we get in the reverie mode and as is evident, like the image 1,604,039 times and put in more than 65,000 comments.

bounties of nineties

7. War is ugly business

War sees more sacrifices than any other disaster in the world. In this heart-rending image, this about to be deployed dad is flooded with emotions at having to leave his neonate baby. This photo accumulated 1,612,028 likes and 49,313 comments.

war is ugly business

8. “Anybody remembers candy cigarettes?”

“Echoes from the past” posted the following photo with the caption, “Anybody remembers candy cigarettes?” The image received huge amount of adulation and nostalgic comments.

anybody remembers candy cigarrates

9. Happy Birthday, World’s Oldest Lady

This picture was posted by NBC Charlotte on the occasion of Besse Cooper’s, world’s oldest person in the world, birthday. The photo spread like fire and Besse Cooper received insane amount of likes,comments and birthday wishes on his 116th birthday. Unfortunately, this was her last birthday. He died in the same year on 4 Dec 2012.

worlds oldest lady

10. The Good Old Times

Radio Station 92 posted this photo on October 7: “Who remembers having to do this to their school books?”

It took mere minutes for the photo to go viral all over the world. It gathered more than a million likes, 98,565 comments and 35,660 shares.

school books

What do you think of these photos? Did you like these? Please do share your reviews with us in the comments section below.

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