Top 5 Free Android Dictionary Apps

by Raja Habib on April 27, 2016

In this highly competitive world, where each word you use counts a lot, how would you feel if you suddenly want to look up the meaning of a word and do not have the dictionary with you? Not so good! Well, now there is a solution. You can use a free dictionary Android app.

Do you know that your phone can be used as a pocket dictionary? There are tons of free dictionary apps available for both the iOS and Android. But in this post, we will cover only the free dictionary apps for Android.

free dictionary android app

Numerous free Android dictionary Apps are available in the Google Play store.  Some of them require an internet connection, while others are offline. Some are subject specific and others are translators. Depending on your specific requirement, you can download a free dictionary app and use it to look up words on the go.

Best Free Android Dictionary Apps

In this article, we are listing the top 5 free Android dictionary apps. is a regular and classic dictionary app which a lot of people prefer to download. It is easy to use, looks nice, works offline and contains more than two million meanings and definitions. It also includes the audio pronunciation feature. It contains a word of the day feature which as the name suggests brings a new word each morning into your notification list.


Merriam-Webster is another very popular free English dictionary from the American based publishing company Merriam-Webster used in Android devices.  It includes multiple definitions for each and every English word or phrase. It also displays the synonyms, antonyms, voice search, audio pronunciations, and sample sentences indicating the word usage for any word you enter. The size of this app is 27MB and internet connection is not required to view the definition of words.

English Dictionary – Offline

As the name indicates, this simple offline dictionary application is an excellent tool for the Android user. It contains definitions of a huge number of words and its inflected forms. The size of this app is only 16 MB. It includes a lot of features to learn new English words like creating flashcards in the dictionary, bookmark feature, grammar lessons, games to improve your word vocabulary, matching word finder and many more features. This app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore and is absolutely free of cost.

The Free Dictionary

This classic and comprehensive dictionary supports multiple dictionaries and can translate words in English to more than 40 languages! It is a thesaurus cum encyclopedia for you as it includes subjective topics like medicine, law, government etc. The classic version is free to download. The contents can also be downloaded for offline usage.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a slightly different type of dictionary and works in a different way. It guides you when you are at a loss for words to use in a sentence. It also functions as a powerful language translator tool helping you to translate words to your native language.

The world today has progressed from pen and paper to laptops and Smartphone. So to keep up with the trend, go ahead and download your favorite free dictionary Android app on your Android Smartphone and use your phone to increase your vocabulary.

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