Top 5 iPhone Apps for 2015

by Raja Habib on January 2, 2015

The apple app store is literally bursting with tons of applications from all genres and backgrounds. There are apps for almost everything. There are traveling apps, photography apps, fitness apps, finance and business apps, and every kind of app you can think of. However, with so many apps out there, it is too difficult to decide which is the best among them. But worry not because we have compiled for you the top 5 iPhone apps for 2015 in one place. So download these apps right now and get the ultimate out of your phone!

Top Five iPhone Apps of 2015

  1. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is one of those rare gems in the app market which are specimen of sheer brilliance. The aptly-titled Hotel Tonight is the fastest, easiest and simplest way to book hotels from anywhere in the world at any time- and that too in absolutely affordable prices.

It works like magic: just a few taps and couple of swipes and booked your room is. Now, with this handy app, you can even book your room in advance up to 7 days. So, download this app right now and get the best deals at the best hotels in the world!

  1. Google Maps

Google Maps, the ultimate mapping app, is arguably one of the best applications of all time. Its clear, comprehensive and accurate maps function in more than 200 countries, 15000 cities and towns and 100 million places. Plus it is equipped with voice-guided GPS navigation, live traffic conditions, street view and other bunch of dazzling features which makes it an indispensable application for every phone.

  1. Facebook Groups

The recently-launched Facebook Groups app is a must-have for all those facebook savvies. Facebook Groups integrates all your facebook groups in one place, allowing you to discuss, plan and collaborate easily with your friends and family. Groups you use most frequently appear at the top section so that you can instantly access them. The app also lets you discover and join new groups, manage notifications and search groups through cover photo. For now, the app is absolutely free and there are not even any annoying ads or pop ups to distract you.

  1. Uber

Gone are those days when you had to wait for long taxi lines for this incredibly awesome app has taken the transport system to a whole new level. Packed with panoply of exotic features, Uber is dedicated to connect riders and drivers in the easiest way possible. Just a push of button on your phone and Uber’s taxi or private car arrives at your doorstep in mere minutes. The fares are absolutely fair which you can safely pay through credit card, PayPal or Google Wallet. Now you can even choose your favorite songs to play during the ride from your Uber app.

  1. Hot5

Hot5 is indeed the hottest fitness app of the year 2014. This simple yet absolutely gorgeous app actually aids in keeping your body fit and healthy. From abs and core to yoga and flexibility and everything in between, Hot5 has workouts of everything to maintain your body in shape.

The app includes plethora of short, effective workout videos designed by expert personal trainers who are titans in their fields. These videos are absolutely easy to follow- for beginners as well as fitness gurus. After these workouts, you can view your clear, comprehensive stats on its exquisitely-designed interface, and also track your progress, achievements and goals over time. And, of course, you can have all these dazzling features without spending a single penny. The app is absolutely free to use.

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