Paul S Devine

Paul S. Devine, the former global supply manager for Apple was sentenced last Friday to 1 year in prison and a hefty fine of USD$4.5 million in San Jose federal court. He was found to have sold confidential information to manufacturers and suppliers, who then used this information in order to negotiate better deals. Devine […]


free book apps for iphone

Having a good e-book on your iPhone can be a great way to pass time. You may even learn some great stuff from the book too. Although Apple iPad and its iBookstore are awesome for reading e-books, but you can still read the e-books on your iPhone and iPod touch without buying iPad. There are […]


cant receive messages after switching from iphone to android

If you have recently switched from iPhone to Android, you may be facing a delay in receiving the messages or may not be receiving any messages at all. The reason for this is that you may not have disconnected your iMessages from your phone number. You may have removed your Apple Id from your device […]