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me my mommy twins now

More than two billion people use Facebook actively almost everyday. They use Facebook to store and share posts, photos, videos, and statuses with friends and family. Some of these posts go viral. They are seen, liked and shared by millions of people around the world. Here we unleash to you 10 most viral Facebook photos […]


funny facebook status updates

Thousands, if not millions, of Facebook users post funny Facebook status updates on a daily basis. These status updates get a lot of likes, shares and comments. We browsed tons of Facebook profiles and compiled a list of some hilarious Facebook status updates for you. If you want to get a lot likes or comments, […]


facebook removes bing search engine

It seems that Facebook has quietly dumped Bing as its primary search provider over the weekend and has stopped including search results from Microsoft’s Bing search engine on its social network (you will no longer be able to search for your query on Bing when you type into Facebook’s search bar). Facebook says they will […]