How to Type Faster on a Smartphone’s Touch Keyboard

by Raja Habib on December 16, 2014

how to type faster on smartphone touch keyboardA lot of people find it difficult to type faster on a touch keyboard of a smartphone. Typing on a traditional keyboard is usually easier and faster. If you are used to typing on a physical keyboard, you may find it awfully slow and painful to type on a touch keyboard.

In this article, we will share with you four different techniques, which you can use to help you type faster. These techniques apply to all the smartphones including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phones.

Using Two Thumbs Instead of One Index Finger

Using two thumbs to type may help you type faster, as compared to typing with only one index finger. But this varies from person to person. Some people like to hold the phone in landscape mode. For them, using two thumbs can certainly improve the typing speed because two thumbs can cover more screen area and can be used for different set of letters on the keyboard.

two thumbs typing smartphone

For the people who use the phone in portrait mode, using one hand to hold the phone and the index finger of the other hand to type proves to be more helpful. This also helps them to type more accurately.

Using Auto Correct and Word Predictions

Almost all smartphones come with the feature of auto correction and word prediction. In some phones, these features are enabled and turned on by default. In others, these need to be turned on. You can turn these on from the settings app.

With auto correct on, go ahead and start typing without caring about the spelling mistakes. The phone will take care of these mistakes for you, and will correct them.

word predictions smartphone

Word predictions feature also helps you type faster on the touch keyboard. When you start to type a word, the phone predicts and suggests some words. If you were about to type any of those suggested words, simply tap on it. The phone will complete the word for you.

Voice Typing

This one is our favorite. All the smartphones come with this “voice typing” feature. Instead of typing on your keyboard, you can use this feature to dictate to your phone, and your phone will convert it to text for you. There may be slight mistakes in the conversion, depending on how clearly you spoke.

voice typing

Both the iPhone and Android have a button on the keyboard, with a microphone icon on it. Just tap this button and start speaking whatever you wanted to write. After the phone has converted it to text, you can go over it and fix any errors.

Swiping Instead of Typing

Another good technique to type faster on touch keyboard is using the Swipe-to-type keyboards. On Android, you can do this by using Swype keyboard, Google keyboard and some other keyboard. On iPhone too, you can use this by installing Swype or Swiftkey from the App Store.

swype keyboard

Using this method, all you have to do is move your finger on the letters across the keyboard. For example, if you want to type ‘bad’, place your finger on letter ‘b’, move it to ‘a’ and then to ‘d’ and then lift your finger up.

Give these techniques a try. We are sure these will help you type faster on the touch keyboards of your smartphones. If you know of some better ways, please do share with us in the comments section below.

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