Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Launches ‘YB’ Messaging App

by Raja Habib on December 22, 2014

Aaron Paul Launches Yo B AppImage Credit: huffpost

This fledgling app might seem absolutely dumb and utterly useless to some people but for all those die-hard “Breaking Bad” fans out there, YB is a dream come true. So, what actually is YB? YB is a messaging app recently launched by Aaron Paul, the star actor of legendary Breaking Bad series, that has taken the AppStore by storm.

However, it allows you to do more than just the simple, mundane messaging. The app lets you greet your friends vivaciously with Aron Paul’s salacious signature statement: “Yo Bitch”. The app comes with bright, colorful interface that is both stunning to the eye and dead easy to use.

It’s basically a copy of the popular messaging app Yo, but with Aaron Paul, and that makes all the difference. The app is free to download and comes with a plain “Yo, bitch!” as well as three other versions of the phrase: annoyed, excited and whispered. Other packs of phrases can be downloaded for $0.99 each. Now with the latest update, you can buy holiday pack (free for everyone), business pack, food pack, exclamata pack, love pack (my personal favorite) any many many many more packs stuffed with interesting phrases to make your messaging experience a fun-filled one.

When you open this amazing, audacious app, a welcome message from Paul himself appears on screen, and he is automatically loaded as your first friend on the app. Isn’t it a beauty? The message reads: “Yo, bitch, thank you for downloading this app. This is meant to be fun, and we can have fun with this — just don’t get your friends fired. Your pal, AP,”.

YB messages

Unfortunately, for now, the app is only available for iPhone users. Android users will have to wait till early 2015 to start bitching with their friends and family.

So, now sending cute smileys and cool emoticons in texting are the things of past. Forget them, delete them and download this dazzling app right now to experience sheer brilliance. Trust me, with this beautiful app in your phone, texting would never be more interesting!

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